Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This section describes which kind of information is regarded as personal and disclose the data in regard to the usage of personal details which have been rendered to the service.

In what way do we gather the private details?

The set of details including client’s name, address, mail address, user name, telephone number is obligatory for the identification of visitors. It is gathered at the moment of registration on our site. Area codes, postal codes, countries are included in this set. The details regarding the hardware and software of your computer (type of browser, domain names, IP address, and access time) is processed by the client’s support team to represent better quality of services.

The bank details which each customer provides on the stage of order formation to assure the payment for the assignment represents the peculiar information. Special servers with a higher level of protection are used to assure the information is secure. Mind: representing your personal and bank details in the public messages provided by the service you disclose them to the third party. The company is not liable for the personal data announced in the described way.

The individuals whose age have not yet gained 13 years are forbidden to become the clients of the site. If the mislead related to the indication of unreal details about the age took place and the company learns this fact and the note that parental consent was not represented the account of such user and all the data related to it will be removed.

What are the possible ways of personal data usage?

The site operation is the first reason we collect identifiable details. Willing to allow the customer make use of the new features and discounts the service supply with we need to inform him in time. The customer’s lists of the third persons are not processed by us. We never engage in trade of these data. The company can allow the access to the customer’s personal details to the providers in charge of client’s support service, messaging, order delivery, and statistical analytics. This is obligatory to assure the high-quality performance of the services. The partners are only authorized to use the personal data providing their assistance in determined limits.

The data connected to the religion, political views, and race are not disclosed excluding the situations when the customer has provided his full consent for it.

In what situations the personal details will not be kept in secret?

If the disclosure of the information which is determined as private is needed in the instances prescribed by law and when it is needed to provide the correspondence between the legislative acts and the processes taking place on the site. Defending the proprietary rights of the resource and protecting the client’s the resource is authorized to disclose the data.

What is the relation of the policies of our company to those of the third parties?

Offering the links to other resources on our site we inform the client of the interesting data represented by other resources. This optimizes the information field of the customer. Such resources have their own policies. Addressing their sites you allow them to collect your private data and to be confident you can feel secure with them you need to read the privacy policy chapter of these providers. Our resource is not liable for the policies of other sites.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies simplify the process of data collection (which describes the details of the internet use). They are automatically downloaded to the hard disc of the computer, but they do not set the programs of viruses on your PC. Cookies function for reordering private information of the customer during your next visit to the site. Its realization offers you to have the access to the previously individualized features. Managing the settings of your browser you can switch on or off the option offered by the cookies (in the majority of cases the “accept” command is on default). If you want to insert changes in these settings you need to know that the interactive options are also realized by cookies that is why refusing to use them you agree to the partial presentation of the interactive features on the internet.

Our company is not liable for the cookies offered by other websites. Take into account: your click on the banner of other websites leads to automatic downloading of their cookies to your computer.

In what way the resource provides safety to private details?

Submitted private details and the works are gathered on the main server, processed and stored. Registration on the site serves the manifestation of the client’s consent to provide the access to the site to manage the personal information in the mentioned above spectrum. In its turn, the resource offers protection against the loss of information and alterations: personal information is stored on specific servers which are guarded against unauthorized access.

The IP and the individual password are the components enabling multilevel defense. Your personal data are protected against unauthorized access. The information deleted from the account and the deleted accounts are still represented on the server, but the details contained there are not sold or rendered to the third parties.

Representing the review you give mutual consent to place it on the website. But having come to conclusion that it can cause you harm you can address to the support team to remove the feedback.

In the process of information transmitting via the internet your information is not secure and it is not in the responsibilities of the company to provide the guaranties in this concern that is why the details transmission through the internet takes place at the customer’s risk.

In what way do we represent changes in this document?

The changes in the policy are needed to improve the quality of the provided services. The client can get the notifications of such changes (not obligatory), but the recommendation is to reread this chapter from time to time to stay confident your information is still secure.

Reviews consideration

If you have any recommendations in relation to the privacy matter our custom writing team will take them into account to make you happy about the delivered by the resource services.