Terms and conditions

Cooperation Conditions

The document states the terms of collaboration of the provider delivering the services on writing the assignments and the customer buying such assistance. The purpose of this agreement resides in the protection of the rights of the customer and the company. The listed terms represent the basement for the qualitative augmentation of the services in discussion. The procedure of registration serves a manifestation of the client’s consent to follow the listed below terms.

Offered Services

This company is a resource representing the online assignment writers providing the writing help and the customers looking for the assistance of this type. The writing team accomplishes the tasks of different types and levels of complexity. The function of the service is to assure the delivery of the order to the customer and the payment transmission to the writer.

Freelancers make up the staff performing the orders. These people are hired provided they have passed the obligatory examination. The company can also require the detailed information related to the education of the applicant and the sample of the essay to illustrate the writing skills.

The customer can make the order in accordance with the determined procedure described on the site of the company. The delivered work should correspond to the requirements determined by the client. Timely delivery is a necessity. Having acquainted with the set details of the order the writer becomes responsible for task completion. After the task completion the author receives the payment and the ownership rights on the paper.

Order Formation

Insertion of valid email address in the process of order formation is an obligatory requirement which enables the timely information delivery to the customer. The procedure of making order is free of charge, but the fee is paid for the task performance. The resource assigns the task to the specialist qualified in the area connected to the task. Due to the system of order tracking the client can get in touch with the process of task completion and insert changes if needed in the while the work is in the processed. The messaging system enables the communication between the clients, the assigned authors and the custom support desk. Looking through the sent messages is an obligatory requirement for the client.

The attempts to ask the writer to work in direct without the site participation.

Terms of Delivery

The matters related to the services offered by other providers which participate in the process of the task delivery are beyond the power of the company. The site is no liable for the delay or any matter connected to it. Other instances concerning the delivery are dealt by the customer support service.

The customer is free to reject the content if it doesn’t correspond to the determined at the beginning of collaboration requirements or contains plagiarism. The client can also ask for refunds. The resource is not liable for the task illegitimate use which leads to the loss of scholarship, suspension, expulsion, legal proceedings or other legal actions alike. At the instances of the dispute resolution the answerer is the writer.

Supplementary Revisions

Supplementary revisions or alterations are possible if the work doesn’t correspond to the demands of the client. This is also the reason for refunds. Within three days after the final variant of the paper was sent to the client he can inform the company of the need to make refunds for the work providing the detailed explanation of the case. The instance will be examined by the Quality Department. It can give the consent for reimbursement or decline (the client is informed of the decision and its reasons).

Changes implementation

The resource has the right to represent changes into the text of agreement partially or in the whole and informing or not the client of this event. New variant of the document comes into effect after the presentation on the website took place.


The payment takes place at the level of order formation, and the assignment of the writer follows this stage. After the finished document was sent to the customer he has three days to inform the provider of the complaints connected with the content. After three days have passed the full payment is sent to the author.


The company can terminate an account in the determined situations. Indicating false data, misleading, concealing valuable information, fraud related to transactions, breach of contract, working wrong in relation to the server of the company or thee clients (spamming, viruses or Trojan horses usage, collaboration with sites distributing links to them). Even if the work was paid the company deletes the accounts of these users.

Primary Sources of Law

The conditions of this document are represented in relation to the law of the territory of the principal place of business or any other territory which is indicated by the resource. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not applied to this agreement. This is the instance determined by the resource.

Dispute Resolution

Any judicial process connected to this documents will be held in the territory of the principal place of business or any other territory which is determined by the company.

Clients’ feedback

Any question related to the information disclosed in this agreement is a decent reason to address the custom support for clarification.